Monday, 28 May 2007

4 billion mobiles by 2009

yes folks - you read that right. From Auntie - it must be true.

By 2009 more than 4 billion people in the world - out of a population of 6.3 billion - are expected to have a mobile phone connection in their lives.

Hugh usually has a card for all occasions and think this one neatly fits the bill.So where is mobile phone design heading? Will they get ever smaller, perhaps becoming part of our clothes rather than as a single unit?

Jan Chipchase, principal researcher at Nokia Design says :   

"the important consideration is how people behave, not what the latest technology can do."

 "Human Behaviour changes very slowly; technology very quickly"

Two thirds  of the entire world population....just think about the possibilities. Does your product or service have a mobile element?


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