Friday, 22 June 2007

Digigirlz day

WOW! what a day.... 200 teenage (13 - 15 yr old) girls descended upon Microsoft HQ today.

We had a great line up of speakers. We didn't have much time. Everyone spoke for about 5 mins and the girls themselves asked lots of questions about careers and the technology itself. Lots of whooping and hollering just before that when I asked them all to stand up and stay standing if they had, a pc, a mobile, an mp3 player, they were on Facebook, my Space, Bebo or Spaces, they had bought or sold on ebay, had visited second life, had a blog ( yes a few still standing) and had used a wiki. Luckily I didn't have to do the "who knows what RSS stands for?" - but there were 3 girls still standing and that was good enough for me.

The afternoon challenge was for them to create a 2 min ad for either the XBox 360 or the Creative Zen ( Zune not arrived on these shores yet). They were asked to shoot moving pictures and stills, source music and additional visuals and do a final edit on Movie Maker. ( will link to the winning 2 vids in the next few days)

These are the lucky generation of digital natives ( don't like that phrase but seems in common use now). They have never known a world without perpetual connectivity. The photo above is Geek in Disguise Steve Clayton showing the girls just how simple making a movie really is:) Many thanks to all the organisers and especially to Eileen Brown who got me involved.

A high energy - thought provoking (for both teenagers and adults) day. I ended it by asking them to email just one thing they are going to do as a result of the day - again will feedback.

Ahhh - we have so much to learn from the young.


Rodrigo said...

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21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Katie ~ what an amazing day. It's a far cry from my attempts to use a BBC computer (new technology when I was in the 6th form in 1985). I can't believe that was 22 years ago. It was around the same time that I also arranged for Hoover to give a demo of the Sinclair C5 for our school. I've always enjoyed technological developments. It must be really exciting for kids to have such a handle on technology to a level which must baffle many parents.
I love what you're doing and it was great to meet you at the Inspiring Leaders event the other night. Karen

Katie said...

Thanks Karen,
great to meet you too. The day was amazing. After Charles Handy and Richard Oliver - it was going to be hard to beat but was a wonderful 24 hours. Kids have an instinctive handle on technology today - they are not afraid and are willing to give it a go. They are a unique generation - perpetually connnected and not impressed by that! We can learn a lot from them. I'm trying to anyway :)

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