Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Best thing since sliced bread .....

Garr Reynolds in his excellent blog  Presentation Zen points to a classic Seth Godin video. Great hook ( sliced bread), meat ( Ideas that spread - win)  and close ( your companies are like that blue box). If I wanted to be picky ( I try not to be - but it is my job) he used a few too many photos/images. He is a great speaker and story teller and as such I wanted to see more of him :)

I was tinkering on Youtube ( must stop that ) and stumbled across this video of Guy Kawasaki from 2004 but still a strong message. Talking to an entrepreneurial audience he advises on creating a company that has meaning.  "Create a cause - not a business" ( not his words but I can't remember who at the mo). Great message but look at his presentation style. Perching on a desk ( Five News anyone?) he looks relaxed and happy - body language very open and welcoming - minimal slides ( could even lose a few methinks- sorry).

Basically a lesson for many leaders and CEO's - you don't have to deliver a message in a starched suit and tie and stand behind a lectern. Get out and talk WITH your people - ask THEM some questions. Get them involved in what you are saying. Most of all - tell them something that is interesting/useful to THEM - not you. Imagine if you were in the audience listening to you - what would YOU like to hear??