Wednesday, 28 March 2007

WORK - its a gift....

I didn't know who Nancy Ortberg was until Guy Kawasaki introduced me to her but she really is the best 20 minutes you will hear this side of Christmas. 2008. Its not very often that speakers can make me cry or the hair on the back of my neck stand up but ( I can't see the congregation) I suspect Nancy's sermon didn't leave a dry eye in the House of God. Leaders in any organisation will benefit from even a short listen.


You don't have to be religious to get the most from this but it does show how powerful someone is when they truely believe in what they are saying. Nancy's storytelling technique is particularly engaging - she manages to weave in stories about doctors, bin men, her son, hospital cleaners as well as some of her own experiences.

So give yourself a treat and listen to Nancy - either just listen or for the full Nancy experience you can also see her. Do you see Work  as a privilege to serve?