Sunday, 15 April 2007

Blogging may damage the nations health

Over at The Guardian there seems to be two distinct schools of thought. One which tells us how great the digital world is ( Guardian Unlimited)  and another where nothing is right ( Guardian extremely limited?)

Johnnie Moore rightly pointed to Jonathon Freedland's whine this week.

Right now, the internet is too often like a stuffy meeting room on a bad night. It needs to change if it's to live up to its democratic potential.

This weekend Tim Dowling has a go in his piece "Comedy of Manners".

Marina Hyde writes "New technology, new lows for our political discourse".

On the launch of Labourvision she agrees with the comment

 "New Technology, same suck up".

Now depending on which box you tick on the ballot paper - you may agree. But surely that's up to the audience. Either they watch or they don't. Why do these rather full of themselves "real journo's" get so worked up about it?  The Web is not perfect and neither are some of our national newspapers. Freedom of Speech anyone?


Craig McGinty said...

I suppose they've got to fill their 1,000 words so they can walk away with their six figure fee ;-)

But just the fact that you prick their bubble and Johnnie Moore takes a polite dig shows that the influence journalists once enjoyed has been slowly eaten away.

Maybe it's just taking a few of them a little longer to realise that there are many more interesting characters around the table today.

All the best

steve clayton said...

scarily I find it easy to agree with both sides here.

The web and this shiny 2.0 version is changing things, especially in mainstream media. Some commentators (oops I mean, journalists) there really need to get over it and get involved.

On the other hand, if you're going to be involved then do it for the right reasons and be authentic. I can't help agreeing with the "down with the kids" sentiment that Marina offers.

Thought provking nonetheless. As is IA's Future of News paper at

Katie said...

craig, steve, thanks for your comments. i suppose i am an eternal optimist - people will find the quality and the quality will get easier to find. Interesting stuff from Jeff Jarvis
worth a look if you havent already

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