Friday, 27 April 2007

Did your TV work?


Have been on the road this week with a well known mobile phone operator helping to facilitate a series of mini conferences. We were at the beautiful Lowry Hotel in sunny Manchester - bodywork hanging from ceiling ( see above).  Unfortunately the Man U team were staying there before the big game and no rooms were avail for us to actually stay. So we marched down the road to The Travelodge ( see below)  Umm. We had spent virtually the whole day talking about customer service and  it was a bit shocking to be presented with a very sloppily photocopied feedback form ( with a spelling mistake ). The one question that finished me off was

"did your tv work?"  Y/N

I know its a "value hotel" but it wasn't that cheap. That one question immediately lowered my perceptions of the organisation. If that is the level at which they set the bar, it should have been considerably less expensive.  

Impressions - real or perceived are hard to change. Made me think.