Sunday, 8 April 2007

Can £10 make a difference?

Had lunch with the energetic Oli Barrett or should I say the The Daily Networker - the other day. If you haven't heard about Make your mark with a tenner - the Challenge is simple. Each student is ‘loaned’ £10 and given 1 month to make an impact. The socially minded entrepreneurial scheme is backed with £100,000 from Andrew Reynolds, Patron of The Prince’s Trust and founder of The Entrepreneur Channel. Oli explains more:

It seems to me that we should be encouraging more of this in our schools. I believe for my children's generation there really won't be any "jobs" in the traditional sense as such - only interesting projects. For some that will come as a shock. But how about we actually prepare children to be able to stand on their own feet. Think creatively about ways to make money AND follow a higher purpose. Sustainability is the new business word - but I think we can also choose to make our children's working lives sustainable. The only way they will have a "job for life" is if they understand their skills and strengths and search for their true vocation. This is what we can give to the next generation and I for one, urge educationalists to become "purveyors of encouragement".  Thoughts?  


Lloyd said...

Yes, but Oli, what *are* you going to do next?

Come on 'Paxo' Ledger, you can pin a man down better than that, even such a slippery media tart like Mr Barrett. :)

PS I love you both

Antonio said...

Hi Katie,

You may be interested to read a new Demos publication called "Their Space" - it crosses over with some of the stuff you're talking about here (although it's coming from a different angle).

It focuses on how young people use creativity and new technology and how instead of being worried about this, teachers and parents should encourage them to use this stuff - specifically because these are the issues that the working world will increasingly expect them to have.

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