Tuesday, 17 April 2007

What next for TV News ?

Jeff Jarvis has been getting his camera out again at the Radio Television News Directors Association panel. An interesting observation from Michael Rosenblum - who knows a thing or two about VJ movement.

Jeff goes on to say:  

Zadi Diaz of JetSet doesn’t want to be a journalist. She doesn’t want to be called a journalist. Neither does Amanda Congdon, who says she never called herself a journalist but a video blogger and actress and producer. We journalists keep thinking that everybody wants to be a journalist and that it is our precious title to mete out. But these talented, creative, popular women want none of it. Note again that they don’t want our label. Which says something about the label and what we’ve done to it, eh? We’ve made it exclusive. We’ve weighed it down with pretense and presumptions and rules. We’ve made these women assume that being a journalists stops you from doing what they do. Beware.

Got me thinking. Not sure what I am at the mo. I spent 12 years working as a Broadcast Journalist and Presenter. I now work occasionally for BBC Click as a reporter. I also help business people to communicate confidently. I host conferences/debates/corporate videos.  I write a new media blog and shoot/post my own videos. I also hope to create a weekly internet show - helping people to see the web as a fantastic place to live, learn and love ( in the widest sense of the word - not in a second life sense). Thoughts?

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Craig McGinty said...

Hi Katie, something that seems to be missing or maybe I'm not looking hard enough, is the use of the new tools of the internet by smaller charitable groups and associations.

It is something that some newspapers have dipped their toes in to, but it needs time and commitment from them as you have to get out there.

When you consider that most groups want to be "found" or "heard" to help their cause and boost numbers I think blogs et al could be one of the best ways to achieve this.

All the best


Katie said...

craig, I agree. I think the main challenge is that many people dont really understand what blogs are and do. Also if they do, they think its quite difficult to set up. We need to spread the word that its not difficult - it just takes a bit of hard work and perserverence.The rewards can be huge :)

Tim Evans said...

"I also hope to create a weekly internet show - helping people to see the web as a fantastic place to live, learn and love "

..... I would very much look forward to watching such an online show!

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Kaylee said...

Sometimes I like watch TV news in my part time,so that I can know the new things happened around me.

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