Friday, 13 April 2007

Radio presenters wanted


Brilliant idea ! Stowe Boyd has started BlogTalkRadio - here's the blurb:

BlogTalkRadio is a platform that extends the blog, allowing any individual to host a live blogshow online. Our service is free to all users, whether you host a blogshow or listen in. Plus hosts earn half of all revenue generated by their blogshow and Host Channel page.

Why do you say you extend the blog?

The blog has changed the face of media and communication. But unfortunately, it has its limits. Primarily, the blog does not allow for real-time interaction between the blogger and his or her readers. At BlogTalkRadio, we extend the blog to allow such live interaction, as well as allow users to generate and consume content in audio format as well as in written format.

You have "radio" in your name. But isn't your site different from regular radio?

We allow every individual the freedom to become a blogshow host, similar to a radio talk show host. That is why "radio" appears in our name. However, because we are on the Internet, your potential reach as a blogshow host far exceeds the reach of a radio talk show host because your audience is global rather than regional. Additionally, as a listener, you have access to far more content than you would on your local or even satellite radio station.

Who would qualify as a host?

Any individual, anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection, any kind of phone, and something to say! We welcome hosts who have passions and interests they want to share, opinions and information they wish to disseminate. Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000 people, we have a place for you here at BlogTalkRadio, and we'll even help teach you how to expand that audience.

thanks to Euan for the info :)


Lloyd said...

Yup, I got excited about this too when I met Alan Levi, BlogTalkRadio's founder.

But I still haven't done anything about it... yet...

Part of the problem has been that the numbers for callers to use are in the US so when it's difficult to envision anyone wanting to call me up and talk to me on air, it's doubly hard if they have to do it through a transatlantic phone call.

But it's getting there, I'm sure and I agree, it *is* a brilliant idea just not well executed for us over here right now.

David McQueen said...

Oli Barrett introduced me to this idea, and also your blog.

Like it.

Alan said...

Thanks for your great comments about Blogtalkradio. We hope to launch a "click to call" feature for our listeners whereby they won't have to dial a US phone number to reach the show.

The listeners will not need skype, a landline or a phone of any kind to access the show, just a headset will be required.

This feature will be very useful in international markets and if we can get Lloyd on air it will be worth all the effort. :)


Katie said...

thanks for all your comments. Lloyd hope Alans click to call starts soon and then you can host a show and maybe i can guest !

david - thanks for coming to the site and also for your kind comments. I underdstand you are doing a bit of telly soon?

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